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Rapid termite colony development and building infestation is usually connected with a readily available timber food and moisture resource nearby the central nest. In addition, buildings are often constructed in a way that allow termites to gain undetectable entry in the soil into the structural timbers of this building. Listed below are some helpful recommendations for the house owner to carry out in order to decrease the risk of termite activity inside a building. .

Moisture exclusion from inside the wall cavities, around the base of this building and sub-floor region (if any). Water run-off can be excluded from a region from the installation of ag-drains. Make sure there's adequate cross flow ventilation in the sub floor area. In addition, a qualified plumber should be engaged to ensure there is no water leakage from plumbing pipes in the bathroom, the shower recess, kitchen, down pipes, guttering and air conditioning unit overflow.

Please note: high humidity, dampness or moisture accumulating in a wall cavity is of high risk to encouraging large scale termite activity inside the building. .

Elimination of any wood in contact with the soil. Timbers should be kept above ground to permit whole inspection of subterranean termite activity (coming from the ground thereunder). Any landscaping using timber chip mulch and railway sleepers should definitely be removed, as they supply prepared food source to help in rapid termite colony development. .



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Ensure inspection access is unimpeded, particularly in sub-floor areas (suspended floors) in order to look for evidence of termite activity. If your property is on a concrete slab on ground flooring, be sure you can inspect the entire external slab edge for evidence of termite mud-shelter tubes. Do NOT allow this area to be coated by pavers, landscaping, planter pots, etc, as termites often gain entry into the walls of a building via this locality, especially through external weep holes and minute (2 mm) gaps in the mortar in brick-work. .

If you find live termites or termite damaged timbers DO NOT disturb the region. DO NOT use spray can or insecticides on the termites. If sufficiently disturbed, the termites will probably move elsewhere, and may not be rediscovered until additional obvious damage has been done. The termite controller can introduce Intrigue termite dust or Exterra termite bait directly to the live termites find out here now present in an effort to eliminate the entire termite colony - as mentioned in detail above. .

Consumer Note: the installation of a chemical soil barrier does not negate the need for regular competent inspections - at least 3 to 6 months where the termite risk is high.

We recommend 3 or 6 monthly inspections be carried for the first 2 years following a chemical soil treatment. Monitoring of "stand-alone" baiting systems



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BE AWARE the right identification of harmful termite species, inspection of a building for tell-tale signs, analysis of circumstances and implementation of an effective termkite control program requires professional ability and judgement depending upon professional training and extensive field-work experience in termite control in a wide variety of circumstances.

Termite management methods legislation is administered by the department under the Building Code of Australia.

Following mounting industry and public concerns regarding the effectiveness of management systems, the Queensland Government reviewed the provisions contained in the Building Code of Australia.

The provisions had been assessed in consultation with Termite Ninja Termite & Pest Control Adelaide industry, community, local government and state government representatives.



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Currently available substances used in a hand sprayed chemical barrier do not have a reasonable life span when compared to the life of the building. When installed under a concrete slab, re-treatment or replenishment may be difficult.

Chemical obstacles applied to the perimeter of the home are being inadvertently damaged or bridged. This may occur when the occupiers of a house execute landscaping or when contractors are engaged to do work for the owner.

The current provisions of the Building Code of Australia only require the structural elements of this building to be protected against termite damage. Consumers also expect the protection of non-structural elements such as skirtings and architraves.



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Homeowners must be made more conscious of the type of management system installed in their home and how it should be maintained.

AS3660.1Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work Green Pest Termite & Pest Control Adelaide essentially presumes that regardless of the kind of termite management system used, routine competent inspection is necessary to ensure it has not been bridged or violated and that it is correctly maintained. This inspection requirement appears not to be occurring, possibly as a result of homeowner ignorance a barrier has been installed. .

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